What our participants say about us

"The Mindful Organization was a great introduction into bringing the mind and heart into the workplace. Their simple yet effective approach means that Mindfulness becomes an  accessible and valuable approach to integrate into your working life. I found it a poignant reminder that all communication begins with better communication with self. Ruud and Bridget both have an easy openness about them that facilitates participants having the same; there was a great amount of synergy and connection by the end of the session."

Sifundo Msebele

Creator & CEO, Word Champions (London)

"That awareness which I reached at the end of the session with you – that your practice gives people a safe space to explore their vulnerability – that’s the greatest thing I got from your session – and it’s a wonderful thing that you do. I really like the word vulner-ability – the idea of it as ability, skill."

Philip Cowell

Head of Programmes, English PEN (London)

"Bridget and Ruud created a very open space for dialogue and reflection. Even in a short taster session, everyone was able to take away some valuable insights and some profound learning."

Kate Beales

The Empathy Project (London)

"The taster session gave an insightful, practical and enjoyable introduction to the programme and I can definitely see the advantages our team could gain from learning more about the process together."

Debbie Shore 

PepsiCo (Reading)

"A truly enjoyable and stimulating workshop where everyone can reflect, collaborate and experience.  Thank you! "

Andrea Defries

Owner, The Happy Business Consultancy Ltd (London)

"The taster event was quite useful. It gave me a better understanding of the core teachings of NVC through the use of examples and group work. It also gave a few good pointers on how to apply it in a work situation. It left me wanting to explore NVC more and I would definitely be interested in taking part in further workshops."

L.R. (Glasgow)

" I found the workshop session very helpful – exploring needs more fully, mine and other people’s, seems like a breakthrough for me and I am very interested to develop the compassionate communication skills that you and Bridget described. I hope to come to more of your workshops."

A.S (London)

This was a brilliant and very thought-provoking workshop, giving first insights into Mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication.  Never boring and just "chalk and talk" - there was a lot of participation by everyone and the event leaders ensured that the presentation of ideas was never too theoretical, but always relevant to people attenting. Very interesting and time went too quickly.  I would certainly consider going on a full day workshop some time. 

K.R (London)

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