Empathy@Work - Collaborative Groups/Teams (Intermediate Level of NVC)

This part of the Empathy@Work programme deepens the understanding and implementation of the Nonviolent Communicaiton process. It further develops the understanding of each others motivations (needs and values) in group settings and enables a culture of honest and effective collaboration. A collaborative culture requires the appreciation of differences and of valuing different personalities which is not necessarily about agreeing with the choices that others do make but but about being fully present when mindful listening for their needs. As a result often creative and unexpected solutions do arise from the place where every body's needs are heard and a collective desire for willing collaboration unfolds.  

The Collaborative Groups/Teams part of the Empathy@Work programme creates a team environment where everyone is appreciated for their differences and can do the work they love most and in a way that is most effective for them and for the team.


This workshop can be extended with the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI® ) exploring personal differences in order to understand why each person sees the world a bit differently and chooses different strategies.

Team members will learn to understand and work with their innate personality preferences. They will learn how these preferences influence the choices they make, and explain why they have different needs

'In teamwork there is an I and a You'

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