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Interview with owner and facilitator Ruud Baanders

We support organizations/teams/groups to increase thier effectiveness through mindful and collaborative leadership, emphatic communication and willing collaboration. Our programme supports a workplace where people thrive and with which they want to be identified, a work place to be proud of!

Our Empthy@Work programme engages staff and stakeholders in an honest and mindful way across differences in personality, passion, vision, culture, religion, social background, etc.

The programme offers a number of steps that ensures a systemic and holistic approach, all which are based on the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and the Mindfulness processes.

We customise our services to the client's needs. 

An example of services that we can provide:

We also run the following PUBLIC workshops in Nonviolent Communication 

One-day basics of NVC - in Oxford (Starter or Refresher)

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